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South Palms Resort

Reflecting Where it All Started

Bohol, Panglao Island, Philippines

Keeping it real....Living in the Philippines, many assumed we lived the life of paradise daily because of photos like these. Not so. But coming to South Palms for the first time reinvigorated our spirits like no other resort before.

We lived in Makati, Manila....Not far from the airport, but real far from the best beaches in the world. Living there was very different than say, Panglao Island...almost the equivalent of opposite of spacious skies and blue waters. The closest thing in common while living in Manila was the tropical weather. And summer was year round.
Everyday was (almost) exactly the same. #laptoplifestyle inside coffee shops, walking everywhere. Reflecting back, it like living in a small-town but within a mega city, and it was kinda nice.
So when we did frequent Philippines' wondrous tropical islands, it was on business trips. Every tourist was there on vacation except us. But it didn't bother us, because we (mostly) love what we do. (i.e. transit is probably the least favorite part of it),
We were invited to experience the resort and its amenities as a potential partner: Again, there on business, but a different kind of fun. And we absolutely loved staying at South Palms. Oceanica has some of the tastiest seafood in Panglao Island.
The sands of South Palm are arguably the best in Bohol, complimented by its pristine turquoise waters, and less endowed with seaweed than Alona Beach. Not to mention their palm tree forests, free bamboo bicycles, and sporting facilities

This picture was taken right when we arrived. I was nearly blinded by White Beach, both metaphorically and visually, when I stepped onto it for the first time. Their beach was the epitome of a #breathoffreshair after months of a city-crammed lifestyle in Manila.

PS we ❤ you South Palms!

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